[SciPy-dev] [PATCH] Compilation with gcc4/gfortran

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Jul 20 14:08:49 CDT 2005

Ravikiran Rajagopal wrote:

>  Please find attached a patch (against scipy CVS) to compile with gcc 4.0. 
>The changes are very simple and should not hurt any other set up:
>  1. Add "gfortran" as an option for Fortran compilation.
>  2. Add libgfortran as a replacement for libg2c (needs some tweaking).
>  3. Modify Lib/linalg/iterative/*.f.src to avoid jumping into a block.
>  4. Remove sse2 optimizations (see mailing lists for more information).
>I have tested this on Linux x86 with gcc CVS stable branch (4_0_branch) which 
>is scheduled to be released as gcc 4.0.2. gcc 4.0.1 does not work since 
>support for Hollerith constants (this obsolete construct is heavily used in 
>scipy) was added only last week. Could someone with sufficient karma commit 
>  Would there be any object to contributing C++ code into scipy? As far as I 
>can see, scipy does not use any C++ constructs. Is this intentional?

I don't know of any policy against C++.   In fact weave uses c++ quite a 

I just think the main contributors have been more comfortable with c.

Thanks for the patch.

I will try to apply it soon, unless someone else gets a chance.


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