[SciPy-dev] Re: Wavelets and scipy...

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu Jul 21 17:19:25 CDT 2005

Joe Cooper wrote:

> eric jones wrote:
>> Fernando, all this sounds great to me.
>> Thanks Joe for getting this setup.
>> Travis, I share your concern and desire, but understand Fernando's 
>> also.  In the short term, gettting them up and running seem slike the 
>> best approach.
>> It would be great to get SciPy moved over to svn so that this whole 
>> process is trivial.  Problem is, (as usualand as is the same for all 
>> of you) there is a ton of other stuff sucking down our time here.  
>> Joe, how hard is this?  Can it happen in a few hours, or is this a 
>> "few days" sort of thing?
> At this point it is a "it can't happen yet, no matter how much time I 
> might spend on it" kind of thing.  I made the attempt several weeks 
> ago.  cvs2svn choked on the repository with a mysterious error 
> message.  Bug was reported, copies of the relevant files were 
> exchanged with an interested developer.  No fix or workaround has been 
> forthcoming. Without a working cvs2svn, there is no way to migrate 
> SciPy to Subversion without losing all history, which is more 
> destructive than the problems of CVS.  I'll ping said developer and 
> see if there has been any progress on this.  Apparently our revision 
> numbers look funny to cvs2svn.

Well, perhaps the right thing to do is to start a fresh scipy svn tree.  
Then I could add scipy.base (numeric3)  to it and build up the rest of 
scipy from there.  It has to be done anyway, and we might as well start 
fresh.  There are several reorginazations that have to take place, and I 
was always under the impression that we would start on the new scipy 
with a fresh svn tree.

So, why don't you just set up a scipy svn server with the right 
permissions and we can transfer things over as we see fit.  Yes, we lose 
history, but we have the old scipy at CVS still and enough changes are 
happening that I don't see the problem with losing the history.

I'ts a good time for cleaning up in general.  I'd like to work on this 
through August and be ready for SciPy 2005 with a new scipy built on top 
of scipy.base (with wavelets added...)

So, can Joe just set up a blank scipy svn tree for us to use.  Pearu, do 
you have any time in August to help with the reorganization?


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