[SciPy-dev] fftw3 support

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jul 22 11:21:56 CDT 2005

Matt Fishburn wrote:
> Pearu Peterson wrote:
>>Are you sure that you ran the tests against scipy.fftpack with fftw3 
>>support? There were few bugs that caused some unittests to fail. The 
>>bugs are now fixed but it would be nice if new patches would not break 
>>the scipy tests in future (though it's a clever way to get attention:).
> Sorry about that.  I should have paid attention to testing everything - 
> I didn't test fftn enough or run the test from scipy.  I will be more 
> careful in the future.

My bad too :(  Juggling too many balls at the same time, sorry.  I tried to 
set up fft3 for the test, but it seems I did something wrong somewhere, or 
ended up running the tests against the old version of scipy (I was trying not 
to change our system-wide install with the testing version).

Whatever actually happened, sorry for the screwup, and many thanks to Pearu 
for the quick bailout.



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