[SciPy-dev] matplotlib cookbook wiki on scipy.org ?

Travis N. Vaught travis at enthought.com
Thu Jul 28 13:38:34 CDT 2005

As you know, SciPy.org is a community site and scipy is an open tool.  I 
heartily encourage you to post anything useful to scientific computing 
with python on the site--particularly if there is any community interest 
in doing so.

With regard to size/bandwidth issues: bring it on...if the site falls 
over (hang in there Plone) we'll pick up the pieces.  As a fellow 
community member, Enthought wants to see the community grow and 
flourish.  As a website host, we're committed to making it work for the 



Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

>>>>>>"John" == John Hunter <jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu> writes:
>    John> I wanted to setup a wiki for matplotlib where I and others
>    John> can post snippets, recipes and howtos.  Is the scipy wiki an
>    John> appropriate place for this?  Eg, a link under "Topical
>    John> Software" to "MatplotlibCookbook".  As a cookbook, it could
>    John> potentially create a lot of pages; presumably authors might
>    John> want to upload images as well, so it might also consume more
>    John> bandwidth and storage than typical wiki pages.
>I think it is a good idea to put these things in the scipy pages
>(whereever appropriate).  This also makes it easier for folks to edit
>content since their existing logins will work and they won't have to
>maintain yet another login/password elsewhere.  Overall I think it
>would be cool if more folks do this.  More eyeballs, more folks
>editing related pages.
>I don't know what the others think about this though.
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