[SciPy-dev] edit scipy zwiki using emacs?

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Thu Jul 28 18:28:47 CDT 2005

John Hunter wrote:
> Has anyone gotten emacs working with the zwiki/plone on scipy.org?  I
> have used it in the past with zwiki-mode and ange-ftp, but I think
> this requires direct ftp access to the server, and the plone site
> appears to have its own authentication system
>   http://zwiki.org/FAQs#How%20do%20I%20edit%20with%20Emacs?
>   http://zwiki.org/EmacsAndWiki
> The link below details an approach that can work with xmlrpc, but
> requires some server side code in the extensions dir
>   http://www.zope.org/Members/alburt/zwiki_mode
> Any pointers?

I'd welcome some Plone pointers.  ;-)

I had, at one point, gotten WebDAV access to the plone site working, but 
I haven't tried it in ages, so I don't know if it remains working.  I've 
never touched XMLRPC with plone and it sounds kind of scary to me 
(almost everything about plone scares me), but I'm willing to give it a 
try.  We're working our current machine pretty hard, but the migration 
to the new server will happen by this weekend, and at that point I'll be 
happy to install some extra products and poke around a bit to see if I 
can make all of this work for you.

FTP access is enabled on our plone instance as well, though I have no 
clue how to use it, or if the firewall on scipy.org is allowing access 
to it.  Again, I can spend some time figuring it out in the next few days.

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