[SciPy-dev] Status of LiveDocs?

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Wed Jun 15 14:13:32 CDT 2005

Tom Loredo wrote:
> Hi folks-
> What is the status of LiveDocs?  I have two summer students who
> I am introducing to Python & SciPy, and they are finding documentation
> to be an obstacle.  I've been trying to access LiveDocs via the
> Documentation Home page for a few days now, with no luck.  I was
> hoping they might find LiveDocs to be helpful....

Travis Oliphant was maintaining the server on which the LiveDocs were 
available, but it seems to be down.  I am in the midst of migrating 
SciPy.org to a new server (it's taking a lot longer than 
anticipated...the old system developed by accretion over several years 
and is a bit hard to pull apart and put back together on another box 
(without bringing all of the current problems of the old system over to 
the new system), and I plan to setup some form of documentation browser. 
    That should occur in a day or two.

I'm sure Travis is reading, so if the livedoc server can be brought back 
online, I imagine he'll do so.  If not, I'll see if he can send me some 
pointers on how he set his up so I can replicate it on the new system.

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