[SciPy-dev] SciPy.org system user purge

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Wed Jun 15 17:28:18 CDT 2005

Hi all,

In the process of moving SciPy.org to a new server, I've noticed a large 
number of system accounts that have not been used in over a year.  Due 
to the fact that there have been an increasing number of brute force 
password attacks on SciPy and other servers in our network, I would like 
to simply remove the accounts that are not being used.

Please let me know if you are, or plan to, actively use your system 
account on SciPy.org for anything other than source code repository 
write access.  Because we are moving to Subversion for revision control, 
we no longer need user accounts for access to the source code 
repository.  If you use your scipy account for email, Linux shell 
access, website maintenance, or anything else, please let me know.  I 
think I know who all of you are, but I want to make sure I don't kill 
any accounts that people make use of.  The most important thing to me is 
that you are aware you have a system account and are taking reasonable 
precautions in insuring your password is strong and changed periodically.

Note that I am /not/ talking about mailing list accounts or SciPy.org 
community accounts on the Plone/Zope website.  Both have separate user 
databases and will not be altered at all during the migration.

Odds are good that if you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't 
need to do anything or respond in any way.

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