[SciPy-dev] LiveDocs for offline viewing

Nikolai Hlubek nikolai.hlubek at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Fri Mar 4 04:23:51 CST 2005

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered the livedocs for scipy
and quite like them since they allow better
browsing than the ones created by pydoc.
Mostly because of the better arranged and linked
index pages.

I've tried to start a local version of twistd to
serve the documentation from my install of scipy
but most of the links are missing.
Only scipy_base is equal to the version online

So for scipy I only get the following, which is much less
compared to http://oliphant.ee.byu.edu:81/scipy/

SciPy --- A scientific computing package for Python

Available subpackages

scipy.cluster     --- Vector Quantization / Kmeans
scipy.cow         --- Cluster Of Workstations
scipy.fftpack     --- Discrete Fourier Transform algorithms
scipy.ga          --- Genetic Algorithms
scipy.gplt        --- Plotting with gnuplot
scipy.integrate   --- Integration routines
scipy.interpolate --- Interpolation Tools
scipy.io          --- Data input and output
scipy.linalg      --- Linear algebra routines
scipy.optimize    --- Optimization Tools
scipy.plt         --- Plotting with wxPython
scipy.signal      --- Signal Processing Tools
scipy.sparse      --- Sparse matrix
scipy.special     --- Special Functions
scipy.stats       --- Statistical Functions
scipy.xplt        --- Plotting routines based on Gist
scipy.xxx         --- Scipy example module for developers
weave             --- C/C++ integration

Where only weave is linked. Does anyone have an idea what
this problem is related to?

Thanks for your help,

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