[SciPy-dev] in-line graphics

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at csun.edu
Mon May 2 12:46:31 CDT 2005

Salsifis wrote:

> I particularly appreciate iPython (so this is perhaps OT on the scipy 
> ML) as a solution to have a researcher-friendly interface. A killer 
> (and that will convince many people around me still sticking to 
> MATLAB) would be to enable inline graphics, as was the case in 
> mathematica.

How far does TeXmacs go in fulfilling this need?  I saw it used at SciPy 
'04, although admittedly mainly as a sort of automatic document update, 
where scipy code was embedded in a TeX document and its output 
automatically included therein.  ps_out was used to embed a graphic in 
the document in real time as well.

My notes say this stuff is on the LiveZope DVD.

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