[SciPy-dev] Building newcore with the intel compilers on Itanium2...

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Nov 3 15:48:25 CST 2005

Pearu Peterson wrote:
> I have commited Intel C compiler (untested) support to newcore. It 
> consists of  intelccompiler.py file and of view lines in ccompiler.py.
> So, to build newcore with intele compiler, use
> python setup.py config --compiler=intele build_ext --compiler=intele build

OK, many thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it.  It didn't quite work 
out of the box, but I've committed the fixes (r. 1430) and I can now 
successfully build/install with the following little script:

phillips[scipy_core]> cat make_icc_scicore

# Build core scipy with the Intel compilers for Itanium

rm -rf build/
rm -rf ~/usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages/scipy

python setup.py \
     config    --compiler=intele \
     config_fc --fcompiler=intele \
     build_ext --compiler=intele \
     build | tee icc_build_scicore.log

python setup.py install --prefix=~/usr/local

> To build newscipy, use
> python setup.py config --compiler=intele --fcompiler=intele \
>   build_ext --compiler=intele --fcompiler=intele \
> build_clib --compiler=intele --fcompiler=intele build

I have an fft-related problem here, but I'll look into it further (I'm pretty 
sure it's on my side at this point).  Will report when success comes.

> To shorten these command lines, cc_config needs to be implemented similar 
> to fc_config in scipy/distutils/command/config_compiler.py

OK.  I was wondering if it makes sense/is feasible to have the possibility of 
specifying compiler choices in site.cfg.  It would seem nice to me for people 
to be able to keep a site.cfg around with all their local settings to build 
off of.  That way they can just do a checkout, drop their site.cfg file and hit

python setup.py install

That would be nice, I think.  Any reson why it can't be done?  Also, should we 
patch distutils to search for site.cfg in the original setup() caller's 
directory?  Right now, you have to drop it in checkoutdir/scipy/distutils.  I 
tend to prefer, for usability reasons, that user configuration only happens in 
the top-level dir.



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