[SciPy-dev] Arrays as truth values?

Steven H. Rogers steve at shrogers.com
Mon Nov 7 07:20:37 CST 2005

Concur that allowing arrays as truth values is the pythonic thing to do. 
Please do it as long as it's documented.


Travis Oliphant wrote:
> ...
> I agree it can bite people, but I'm concerned that arrays not having a 
> truth value is an odd thing in Python --- you have to implement it by 
> raising an error when __nonzero__ is called right?
> All other objects in Python have truth values (including its built-in 
> array).  My attitude is that its just better to teach people the proper 
> use of truth values, then to break form with the rest of Python.
> I'm would definitely like to hear more opinions though.  It would be 
> very easy to simply raise and error when __nonzero__ is called.
> -Travis
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