[SciPy-dev] [Numpy-discussion] bus error in check_kurtosis

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Nov 7 11:41:51 CST 2005

Rob Managan wrote:

>> Rob Managan wrote:
>>> With todays svn versions (newcore 1440, newscipy 1423)
>>> scipy.test(level=1,verbosity=2) dies with a bus error on check_kurtosis
>>> check_basic (scipy.stats.stats.test_stats.test_mean) ... ok
>>> check_ravel (scipy.stats.stats.test_stats.test_mean) ... ok
>>> check_basic (scipy.stats.stats.test_stats.test_median) ... ok
>>> check_basic (scipy.stats.stats.test_stats.test_mode) ... ok
>>> check_kurtosis (scipy.stats.stats.test_stats.test_moments)Bus error
>> Did you rebuild full scipy?  (i.e. remove the build directory and 
>> build it again).  At least you need to recompile all the extension 
>> modules.
>> -Travis
> I guess I thought a "pyhton setup.py install" would rebuild enough 
> things. Apparently not. Removing the build directory fixed that problem.

The problem is that I altered the C-API in newcore (trimmed out some 
useless calls).   This should happen rarely (especially once a release 
is made), but when it does the table of function pointers (the function 
names are actually dereferencing a table of function pointers in scipy 
extension modules) is altered.   Thus, old extension module binaries 
that are not recompiled will be pointing to the wrong function and a 
fatal error is very likely (wrong number of arguments passed, for example).

Sorry for the trouble. 


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