[SciPy-dev] Some Feedback

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at utoronto.ca
Wed Nov 9 20:18:52 CST 2005

Just wanted to give some feedback.

I am very impressed with the new scipy.  It really feels like a numerical
computing environment instead of just a bunch of modules.  I looked at
it a year ago and I didn't get this feeling at all so I stuck with R. 
I am going to be able to port some of my research code to python now and
write in a "sane" object oriented language finally.

On another note, and in the hopes of not offending anyone, I should
mention that when I visited the scipy web site I thought it was dead. 
Luckily I tracked down the mailing lists.  I was happy to see the lists
have been on fire and the project is very much alive.  It seems likely
that others jumped to the same conclusion at first and moved on.

Is there a plan to rework the web site into something that represents the
active nature of the project?  My suggestion would be Trac as it's Wiki
nature makes it easy for anyone to contribute and it's link to the
subversion repository (via timeline, and browse source) show off the
activity of development.  There is also a plug in that allows latex
equations to be rendered which would be very useful given scipy's
mathematical nature.  I'd be interested in helping with the website
and/or writing various introductory tutorials to encourage more people
to check it out.

Thanks again,

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