[SciPy-dev] Some Feedback

Robert Kern rkern at ucsd.edu
Wed Nov 9 21:23:15 CST 2005

Robert Kern wrote:
> Travis Oliphant wrote:

>>I think Trac is a good option.  I don't see too much of a drawback to 
>>having to register people manually given that nobody is really 
>>participating in the old www.scipy.org site, anyway.
> It also means that people can't submit bug reports without having Joe
> make an account for them. Or installing/testing the self-registration
> plugin.

That said, even a restricted Trac instance (or a spammable one) would be
an enormous help at this point.

Robert Kern
rkern at ucsd.edu

"In the fields of hell where the grass grows high
 Are the graves of dreams allowed to die."
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