[SciPy-dev] Some Feedback

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Nov 9 23:55:47 CST 2005

Joe Harrington wrote:

>The problem is not Plone, it is the lack of interest.  Even the
>non-wiki Plone stuff is very straightforward (in under an hour with
>Meloni's book, I was out of normal-user usage and into installing and
>configuring extension modules).  Why do we believe that switching to
>Trac or anything else will make volunteers appear and do work?  Why
>not just start *doing* the work?  This isn't a technical problem.
I agree in principle that the tool does not make the work appear.  
However, a poorly-functioning tool can make things very difficult. 

My experience with Plone has not been especially pleasant as I described 
before.   I would like to see something, for example, that let's people 
use an email interface to get things to the web. 

My main problem with Plone is how slow it is to commit changes.   After 
I edit something, I want those changes to be immediately visible.  
Waiting for 30 seconds to 3 minutes for Plone to is not conducive to 
getting results.   I realize that this is due to memory management so 
that Plone must be restarted regularly to maintain performance.   This 
is problematic.


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