[SciPy-dev] newscipy, fftw3 - solution

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Thu Nov 10 04:40:07 CST 2005


I had a closer look why fftw3 was not detected with newscipy
(whereas this works with one of the latest old scipy  ...).

The solution is simple:
One has to take all the routines  fftw_*info from "old"
and put them into system_info.py of newcore.

Then fftw3 is detected (and wins over fftw2).
(For me this only worked, when the FFTW environment
variable is set to the directory eg. libfftw3.a).

It would be great if someone with write-access could
do the corresponding changes so that fftw3 is supported
out of the box.

Many thanx,


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