[SciPy-dev] patch for arraymethod.c and new segfault in masked arrays

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Nov 12 20:09:54 CST 2005

Andrew Straw wrote:
> Here's a patch that reverts some of the changes made in revision 1471. I
> was getting segfaults because arraymethods.c's _ARET() macro assumes its
> input is PyArrayObject*, whereas in these cases it's simply PyObject*.

I've committed it because at least your patch does allow a current build to 
complete the scipy-full test suite:

Ran 1366 tests in 106.441s


Now, I don't know that part of the code well, so it may be that a different 
solution is better in the long run.  But just minutes before your email came 
in, I updated svn and tried to build scipy on my home box for the first time, 
and was getting segfaults on the test suite.  I hadn't looked into the problem 
yet, so you saved me a lot of work :)

At least I can confirm that your patch allows the test suite to complete, so 
even if in the long run Travis wants to provide a different solution, this 
allows those running up-to-date SVN to continue using it without these segfaults.



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