[SciPy-dev] Some Feedback

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at utoronto.ca
Sun Nov 13 13:02:07 CST 2005


I agree.  I think trying to integrate three seperate wiki's will be a
lot of work and very confusing to new users.

>This leaves us with:
>- trac has a one svn repo/one trac instance model.

Yes.  I understand there is a desire to have two svn repositories to
assure the projects are seperate.  I still feel that this could be
acheived by a single repository with a directory structure such as:


which gives the same logical seperation of repositories but with the
added advantages of simplicity and the ability to easily svn mv stuff
from one "virtual repos" to another.  Thus we could have one trac

>- trac by default ties logins to the svn developers with commit access.  We
>want non-developers with logins.  Robert suggested a plugin which may take
>care of this issue.

I think you are mistaken.  By default your userbase is just a htpasswd
file that you can easily add anyone too without giving them subversion

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