[SciPy-dev] Freeze Thursday at 5:00pm until further notice

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at utoronto.ca
Sun Nov 13 13:09:18 CST 2005

Hi Travis,

>They are in separate repositories because scipy core is the replacement
>for Numeric only.   Several people don't like the monolithic nature of
>scipy.   We want to alleviate their concerns by having scipy core as a
>separate project.
>I think we should have two trac pages.  One for the core, and one for
>the rest.
>So, I don't think we will be joining them under the same repository any
>time soon.

I posted this same text in the Some Feedback thread.  I hope you do not
mind me asking for clarification as to why the below does not accomplish
the same goal as two repositories.  Thanks for your patience.

Yes.  I understand there is a desire to have two svn repositories to
assure the projects are seperate.  I still feel that this could be
acheived by a single repository with a directory structure such as:


which gives the same logical seperation of repositories but with the
added advantages of simplicity and the ability to easily svn mv stuff
from one "virtual repos" to another.  Thus we could have one trac


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