[SciPy-dev] Some Feedback

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sun Nov 13 14:26:59 CST 2005

Mark Koudritsky wrote:
> Fernando Perez wrote:
>>Well, does this mean losing the Trac wiki integration?  One interesting
>>feature of Trac is that in any of its wiki pages, you can say for example:
>>and this automatically creates a proper Wiki link to Ticket #NN.  The same
>>thing happens for milestones, reports, etc.
> I agree that losing this integration would be a pity.
> I'm not well familiar with Trac. Exactly how tight this integration is?

Fairly tight, since Trac was written specifically as a web front end for SVN. 
  A quick look at this page, in particular the Trac links section, will give 
you an idea:


The top navigation bar in Trac has direct access to the tickets, reports, 
source code, etc.

I have no religious preference on this matter at all, I just want the simplest 
solution that works.  Trac claims to be a 'one-stop shop' for svn/wiki/bugs 
handling, and in my experience so far, does a pretty decent job at that.  Keep 
in mind that we have a few constraints here (this applies to me with ipython 
and I think equally well to Travis with scipy):

- every minute that goes into dealing with wikis/systems is a minute NOT spent 
coding on the project itself.  Simplicity of administration is an important 
criterium, on par or even above richness of features.

- we don't have real root access to these systems: Enthought provides a 
virtual host which works very well for most things, but is not true root. 
Anything that requires _real_ root access automatically loses a lot of points, 
because it means bugging Joe Cooper, the Enthought sysadmin, who is already 
stretched as thin as you can imagine.  So solutions that we can implement with 
the 'virtual root' access we have will probably be favored.

- I'm sure Moin is nice and everything, but the fact is that it's not 
installed at this point.  It would be one more thing to ask of Joe Cooper to 
install/maintain, and for us to learn to manage.  Note that many packages out 
there don't work well (or at all) in the virtualmin environmnent.  This would 
be one more thing to test, debug, etc for Joe.

Personally, if I can figure out the user permissions problem, I'm willing to 
concede to Jonathan that the multi-wiki thing may be more confusing than is 
necessary, and will gladly test-drive things with the ipython trac to be used 
as a user wiki as well.



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