[SciPy-dev] Some Feedback

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at utoronto.ca
Sun Nov 13 14:31:53 CST 2005

Hey there,

I have not used that setup before but I can describe how Joe could set up
a scipy trac with wiki editing disconnected from svn access.

The initial setup for a root user would be:

1. Install the trac module... maybe via apt-get install trac

2. Create the scipy instance

trac-admin /var/trac/scipy initenv

3. Install mod python.

4. In the apache config load the mod python module:

LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.so

5. In the apache config set up a place for the trac

<Location "/">
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName "scipy"
  AuthUserFile /var/trac/scipy/.htaccess
  Require valid-user

6. Create the .htaccess file

touch /var/trac/scipy/.htaccess

7. Then assuming your user name is perez, Joe could then leave adding
users up to you by:

chown perez /var/trac/scipy/.htaccess

At this point you can easily add users using your own user account via:

htpasswd /var/trac/scipy/.htaccess username password


On 11/13/2005, "Fernando Perez" <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> wrote:

>Jonathan Taylor wrote:
>>>- trac by default ties logins to the svn developers with commit access.  We
>>>want non-developers with logins.  Robert suggested a plugin which may take
>>>care of this issue.
>> I think you are mistaken.  By default your userbase is just a htpasswd
>> file that you can easily add anyone too without giving them subversion
>> access.
>I am certainly no trac expert, and so far I'd just been using it as it was
>setup in the virtualmin environment that scipy offers, so feel free to correct
>me.  But from poking around with the ipython 'virtual root' account in the
>virtualmin host, I don't see a way to create new users for trac who are NOT
>svn users.  This may be a restriction imposed by the virtualmin environment,
>and there may be a workaround.  If you know of one, by all means let me know,
>as this would make it easier to take care of this issue without the
>multiplication of wikis which you (understandably) are worried about.
>Even if the webmin interface that the project leads have access to doesn't
>offer this, we could always do it at the command line.  But even via that
>channel I haven't been able to find a mechanism to create, say users called
>etc, who would NOT be part of the svn user list.
>I tried making such a user with the webmin interface but WITHOUT SVN access,
>and even after adding the user to the trac-admin permissions, it still can't
>login as that user into the Trac wiki.
>In summary: not being by a long shot a trac expert, I'm pretty lost here, in
>particular because I don't have full apache access on this box, only what the
>virtualmin environment gives me.  I'm trying to understand this not only for
>ipython, but because the access I have is the same Travis has for the scipy
>virtual host.
>If you know the magic incantation to set up all of this reasonably (and in
>particular, without requiring real root access so that we don't become a pest
>on Joe Cooper's back), I'm willing to continue trying until we sort this out.
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