[SciPy-dev] New scipy core requires rebuild of extension modules

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Nov 14 05:37:08 CST 2005

Version 1484 (current SVN) of scipy core requires a complete rebuild 
because of changes to the C-API.

Sorry about that.  I've changed the version number to 0.7 to reflect the 
need to rebuild extension modules.  

I'm almost done with the C-API documentation and so hopefully shouldn't 
have to change things much more.

The new call is

multi = PyArray_MultIterNew(int n, ...)

which returns a PyArrayMultiIterObject * for easier access to array 
broadcasting.  Simply call the function with your Python Objects as 
arguments.  In return you get an object that can be used like:

while(i--) {
    /* deal with PyArray_MultiIter_DATA(multi, n) which is a pointer to 
the data to use */


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