[SciPy-dev] Problems with writing files and windows binary of scipy core on 2.4

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Nov 16 13:21:31 CST 2005

Well, the old mingw32 - Python 2.4 problem has raised its head again.

The scipy core binaries I released for Python 2.4 (and probably the full 
scipy ones as well), segfault when using the tofile method.

Apparently this is the same problem that existed with old scipy and 
Python 2.4

The solution apparently is to link multiarraymodule.o against msvcr71.a 
when compiling with mingw32 under Python 2.4.   Is there an elegant way 
to do this, or is a hack the only thing that we can do.  I just did it 
manually to fix the problem with the binaries.


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