[SciPy-dev] small fix for Lib/signal/signaltools.py

daishi at egcrc.net daishi at egcrc.net
Fri Nov 18 18:14:15 CST 2005

The following adds some imports that are
used by the functions in the module.

Index: Lib/signal/signaltools.py
--- Lib/signal/signaltools.py   (revision 1446)
+++ Lib/signal/signaltools.py   (working copy)
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
  from scipy.stats import mean
  import scipy.base as Numeric
  from scipy.base import array, arange, where, sqrt, rank, zeros, 
NewAxis, \
-    argmax, product
+    argmax, product, cos, pi
  from scipy.utils import factorial

  _modedict = {'valid':0, 'same':1, 'full':2}

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