[SciPy-dev] newcore and gcc4/gfortran (almost there)

Ravikiran Rajagopal ravi at ati.com
Sun Nov 20 10:51:52 CST 2005

Hi all,
> Thanks for the patch. It (variant of) is in SVN now.

Now, one more test passes - check_dot in scipy.linalg.test_blas. This took some figuring out; I had my ATLAS compiled with -ff2c but not SciPy. This caused a mismatch between the fortran code in linalg/src/fblaswrap.f and the ATLAS library. After the addition of -ff2c to the gfortran flag list, it succeeds. However, the code in lib/fblas/fblaswrap.f.src is a lot hairier and I got lost trying to figure that one out. 

Why are two wrappers (identical in intent as far as I can tell) built for ATLAS libraries (one in lib and one in linalg)? Could they not be unified? If so, I vote for the one in linalg since it works for me (and presumably for everyone else too). If the two can be merged, how should I go about doing it?

In that case, the only failure is the non-convergence of the line search Newton conjugate gradient algorithm. I will take a look at it next weekend; have spent far too much time on this already this weekend.

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