[SciPy-dev] newscipy sandbox

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu Oct 6 18:07:52 CDT 2005

Pearu Peterson wrote:

>I am not quite finished with implementing what's behind in add_library 
>method, and so, it may not work yet (I had a working version before 
>cvs->svn but this version is against cvs repository that I need to apply 
>to svn).
Well,  it worked enough to get scipy.special working in current newscipy 

>The idea behind this strange naming convention (that may change to a 
>better one) is that one can build/install pure libraries that will be 
>available to different scipy packages. A classical example is blas/lapack 
>libraries that are used by many extension modules from different packages.
>The problem is to find out how setup scripts of packages can find the 
>location of such libraries that may be in completely different branch of 
>a directory tree and using this naming convention is one of the ways to 
>specify libraries locations. I know, it's ugly and I don't like it myself 
>but that's just a side result of a process for looking a right 
>I'll try to find some time to review the add_library stuff as soon as 
Thanks Pearu,  I just wanted you to know that I was able to get 
scipy.special built against new scipy with your add_library method of 


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