[SciPy-dev] numarray weave commit? weave maintainer?

Peter Wang pwang at enthought.com
Fri Oct 7 11:23:17 CDT 2005


About a month ago you checked in a patch which patched some of the files in 

> I have a patch for weave for numarray which passes all of the default
> self-tests.  In doing my final checkout,  I noticed that
> weave.test(level=10) has some errors and eventually segfaults... for
> Numeric.  This was on RHEL3 with Python-2.4.1. 

You changed test_ast_tools.py to import RandomArray from scipy_base.numeric 
but this module does not exist... was this just a typo, or is there something 
more subtle going on?  (In test_blitz_tools you use scipy_base.numerix.)


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