[SciPy-dev] install location of the newcore header files

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Tue Oct 11 01:39:28 CDT 2005

I find this thread of where headers should be installed a bit strange.

First, as a developer, I don't care where the headers are installed as 
long as it is well documented how to access them.

Second, currently there a two choises whether to install them to headers 
directory or to package directory. As I know now, the first choice would 
cause problems to certain setups and the second choice would work for all 
camps. So, for me it would be natural to go with the second choice. It is 
simple and works for all.

There are arguments that no matter what, we should follow Python 
recommendations, even if the standard code is broken. For scipy it would 
mean adding fixes to scipy.distutils that's additional code that we need 
to maintain and also watch out that it will behave as in new versions of 
distutils that might contain the same fixes. Note that we cannot drop the 
corresponing patches in scipy.distutils because it should work with older 
Python versions (2.3 and up) as well. So, I think the trouble of strictly 
following Pyhton conventions is not worth as we already have a working 

Finally, about the suggestion of installing header files to both places, 
hmm, that sounds insane, IMHO. Again, this is even more code to maintain 
as well as a source of confusion when debugging.

Suggestion: leave the current behavior as it is and when 
platforms/setups/whatever that currently have problems with 
installing header files to standard places, are fixed to handle these 
places or Python folks work something out for them, then we switch over to 
installing headers to recommended locations.

this is my 2 estonian cents,

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