[SciPy-dev] Thoughts on when to make a full release of SciPy Core

Christopher Hanley chanley at stsci.edu
Wed Oct 12 14:11:52 CDT 2005

Robert Kern wrote:
> Travis Oliphant wrote:
>>I've been thinking about when to make a full release of SciPy Core.
>>This is what I think needs to be done (in random order):
>>* Get full scipy working on top of it.
>>* Get records.py working.

We at STScI have started working on the records.py port.  I don't want 
to make a promise as to when this will be completed.  I should have a 
better idea within the next week or so.

>>* Get ma.py (Masked Arrays) working well.
>>* Write some tests for fft, linear algebra, and random code
>>* Port memory-mapped module from numarray.
>>Would like to have done (but not essential for first release):
>>* Fix scalar_as_number implementations to not go through ufuncs
>>* Optimizations
>   * Port nd_image

If you see the porting of records and nd_image as bottle necks in terms 
of getting a full release of SciPy Core done quickly, you may want to 
consider doing a two stage release.

Release 1.0 could be billed as being fully Numeric compatible.  The 2.0 
release would be with the complete set of numarray features.


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