[SciPy-dev] [Fwd: Re: Itianum feedback]

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Oct 15 02:47:22 CDT 2005

Joe Cooper wrote:

> Plone is about to get a little bit faster when I finally pull the 
> trigger and complete the migration to the new server (it's still 
> sluggish on the new 3.0 GHz and 2GB RAM box that is new.scipy.org--I 
> think in addition to the system upgrade, it's time to introduce 
> SciPy.org to Squid, I think they'd be good friends).  But it won't fix 
> the squeezed in problem.  It might be nicer for readers for us to bring 
> the SciPy style over to the Mailman pages rather than forcing mailman to 
> display within SciPy.org...I'll spend some time on it sometime soon.

Wow.  You really are right on Plone's sluggishness/resource appetite.  The 
scipy site seems to be relatively static (even if you need a lot of bandwith 
for downloads, I can't imagine the dynamic load on the site being all that 
great).  That Plone can take, with that kind of load, a 3GHz/2GB box to its 
knees so often is certainly a bad sign...

Anyway, thanks for your help on this, quick as ever.



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