[SciPy-dev] newcore atlas info on Gentoo

Darren Dale dd55 at cornell.edu
Tue Oct 18 12:41:12 CDT 2005

In order to get scipy-0.3.2 to build on Gentoo Linux, I use site.cfg in the 
distutils module. This is necessary because Gentoo has renamed the 
libf77blas.* libraries to libblas.* in order to allow users to easily switch 
between different libraries, ATLAS and Intel's MKL for example.

When I compile newcore using the old site.cfg, my atlas info is properly 
reported. However, when I compile newscipy, the atlas info is reportedly 
unavailable. I looked into system_info.atlas_info and friends, and discovered 
that _lib_names is not informed by site.cfg, it is hardcoded with ['f77blas', 
'cblas'], or ['ptf77blas','ptcblas'], etc. If I remove the 'f77', my atlas 
info is correctly reported.


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