[SciPy-dev] missing Lib/__init__.py in newscipy?

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Thu Oct 20 08:00:36 CDT 2005

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Arnd Baecker wrote:

> Presently I get a hang on the opteron:
> check_y_stride (scipy.linalg.fblas.test_fblas.test_ccopy) ... ok
> check_default_beta_y (scipy.linalg.fblas.test_fblas.test_cgemv) ...

Ok, a little bit further: the hang occurs
in get_data of base_gemv (in test_fblas.py)

class base_gemv(unittest.TestCase):
    def get_data(self,x_stride=1,y_stride=1):
        print "In getdata:"
        mult = array(1, dtype = self.dtype)
        print "In getdata: 1"
        if self.dtype in ['F', 'D']:
            print "In getdata: 1a"
            mult = array(1+1j, dtype = self.dtype)
        print "In getdata: 2"
        from scipy.basic.random import normal
        print "In getdata: 3"
        alpha = array(1., dtype = self.dtype) * mult
        print "In getdata: 4"
        beta = array(1.,dtype = self.dtype) * mult
        print "In getdata: 5"
        a = normal(0.,1.,(3,3)).astype(self.dtype) * mult
        print "In getdata: 6"
        x = arange(shape(a)[0]*x_stride,dtype=self.dtype) * mult
        print "In getdata: 7"
        y = arange(shape(a)[1]*y_stride,dtype=self.dtype) * mult
        print "In getdata: 8"

        print "GETDATA:",
        print alpha,beta,a,x,y
        return alpha,beta,a,x,y

It gets until getdata: 5.

Testing separately:
  from scipy.basic.random import normal
  a = normal(0.,1.,(3,3))
hangs at normal.

I have to leave this now, because I have to prepare a talk
for tomorrow, but maybe someone else has insight
why normal could hang on 64 Bit
(it does not do so on my PIV) OTOH, I did not see any warnings
concerning mtrand...

Best, Arnd

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