[SciPy-dev] random module not working on opteron

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Sun Oct 23 06:18:11 CDT 2005


I recently reported that
  from scipy.basic.random import normal
  a = normal(0.,1.,(3,3))
leads to a hang on the opteron.

It turns out that the whole random module does not
work as it should:

In [2]: import scipy.basic.random
In [3]: scipy.basic.random.uniform()
Out[3]: 3804495653.9744735
In [4]: scipy.basic.random.uniform()
Out[4]: 2804588197.3068576
In [5]: scipy.basic.random.uniform()
Out[5]: 998177869.76781905
# this one also hangs
In [6]: scipy.basic.random.randn(5)

I have no idea what is causing this,
in particular because there are no warnings during the compile
of mtrand.c.

Can anyone with a 64 Bit machine confirm this behaviour?
What could one do to hunt this one down?
(For the hangs one could add print statements to the
.pyx source. Unfortunately I don't have the right pyxrc
as I get a different output than the one from svn.).

Best, Arnd

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