[SciPy-dev] array dtypechar wrong or not

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Tue Oct 25 14:34:46 CDT 2005

>>b will point to a.  If we change b to have typecode 'L', then a will
>>also change.  This would be surprising, I think.
>I agree with you up to a point that by default array should make a copy.
>Changing `b` should not change `a`, so why should `a` change on changing 
>`b` typecode anyway? As it is now, array does not perform a complete 
>copy, that is, it ignores dtype argument.
Ah, wait a minute here.  You were using array which makes a copy by 
default.    I think if a copy is made, then the typecode should change 
as you expected.  I'll look into this.

>In practical application this issue doesn't matter much probably. I 
>noticed this behaviour and was forced to add some extra hooks to deal 
>with this behavior for f2py unittests that I am implementing now.
No, it doesn't matter because the types are identical and should behave 
the same.


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