[SciPy-dev] All newscipy tests pass, except on 64-bit system

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Wed Oct 26 15:40:11 CDT 2005

Yes! Now all newscipy tests pass on my 32-bit system but on Opteron I get 
segfaults in fftpack tests. So far I have found that swapaxes might cause
these faults but I am not sure. For example, the following codelet

   tmp = zeros((1,1,1,1))
   swapaxes(tmp, 0, -1)

sometimes fails with intermediate error message

   free(): invalid pointer 0xac89c0!

I could not produce a simple example that would segfault on Opteron.
So, I would be interested if anyone else is experiencing segfaults on 
64-bit system, escpecially when running

from scipy import *
def direct_dftn(x):
     x = asarray(x)
     for axis in range(len(x.shape)):
         x = fft(x,axis=axis)
     return x


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