[SciPy-dev] All newscipy tests pass, except on 64-bit system

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at csun.edu
Wed Oct 26 21:35:22 CDT 2005

Pearu Peterson wrote:

>Yes! Now all newscipy tests pass on my 32-bit system
Sorry, but this is not true here.  I traced a failure in scipy.stats to 
a bug which the following code demonstrates (the BIG array is cribbed 
from scipy.stats.tests.test_stats.py):

    from scipy import stats
    from scipy.base import array,Float
    mean = 99999995.
    print BIG-mean
    print BIG-array(mean)
    print BIG-array([mean])

On an up to date Ubuntu 5.10 system, the output of the above script is:

    swalton at ubuntu:~$ python buglet.py
    Importing io to scipy
    Importing special to scipy
    Importing fftpack to scipy
    Importing cluster to scipy
    Importing sparse to scipy
    Importing signal to scipy
    Failed to import signal
    cannot import name comb
    Importing utils to scipy
    Importing interpolate to scipy
    Importing integrate to scipy
    Importing optimize to scipy
    Importing linalg to scipy
    [-4. -3. -2. -1.  0.  1.  2.  3.  4.]
    [-4. -3. -2. -1.  0.  1.  2.  3.  4.]
    [ -4.00000000e+000   9.99999920e+007   9.99999930e+007   9.99999940e+007
       9.99999950e+007               nan  -2.62192373e+257  -3.50744949e+010

The last line is, I think, not quite correct.  A Fedora Core 4 system 
with Absoft Fortran gives similarly wacky results.


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