[SciPy-dev] newcore atlas info on Gentoo

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at csun.edu
Sun Oct 30 11:42:24 CST 2005

Roman Stanchak wrote:

>The solution to this issue was hinted at, but never
>explicitly stated.  Just for completeness, on my
>Gentoo system, to detect ATLAS with newcore I placed
>the following in newcore/scipy/distutils/site.cfg 
>library_dirs =
>atlas_libs = lapack, blas, cblas, atlas
Again, and for completeness, Ubuntu and now Fedora Core 4 have used a 
similar setup in their distributed ATLAS packages, where 
architecture-specific versions of atlas go in /usr/lib/${ARCH}, 
/usr/lib/atlas, and/or /usr/lib/atlas/${ARCH}, where ARCH can be sse, 
sse2 or 3dnow.  Thus I think the following site.cfg works for both 
Ubuntu and FC4 (tested for Ubuntu 5.10, being tested now for FC4):


(change sse to sse2 or 3dnow as appropriate for your system)

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