[SciPy-dev] numarray weave commit? weave maintainer?

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Fri Sep 9 19:03:32 CDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 01:55 +0530, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
> >>>>> "Todd" == Todd Miller <jmiller at stsci.edu> writes:
>     Todd> I have a patch for weave for numarray which passes all of
>     Todd> the default self-tests.  In doing my final checkout, I
>     Todd> noticed that weave.test(level=10) has some errors and
>     Todd> eventually segfaults... for Numeric.  This was on RHEL3 with
>     Todd> Python-2.4.1.
>     Todd> Is anyone actively maintaining weave?  Does anyone have a
>     Todd> problem with me committing changes which enable numarray to
>     Todd> pass weave.test() even though the level=10 tests are still
>     Todd> showing problems for both numarray and Numeric?
> Well, I do use weave for some of my work and do try to keep the swig
> and vtk spec code in shape but do not maintain the core.  I think Eric
> would know more about the tests and why they fail.  However, I suspect
> that he is submerged with too much work.
> weave.test() itself passes for me but like you I get errors and a
> segfault with level=10.  I suspect that tests for like the wx_spec
> will not pass with the new versions of wxPython.  So I am not sure if
> all the tests are supposed to pass at all.
> I would say go ahead and check in the stuff to get weave working with
> numarray while passing weave.test().  If you break any of our code I'm
> sure we will holler. :)
> cheers,
> prabhu

OK,  Thanks Prabhu.  It's checked in.


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