[SciPy-dev] scipy.base (Numeric3) now on scipy.org svn server

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Sep 14 14:33:26 CDT 2005

Now that the new scipy.base (that can replace Numeric) is pretty much 
complete, I'm working on
bringing the other parts of Numeric along so that scipy_core can replace 
Numeric (and numarray in functionality) for all users.

I'm now using a branch of scipy_core to do this work.  The old Numeric3 
CVS directory on sourceforge will start to wither...

The branch is at


I'm thinking about how to structure the new scipy_core. 

Right now under the new scipy_core we have

Hierarchy              Imports as
base/              --> scipy.base         (namespace also available 
under scipy itself)
distutils/         --> scipy.distutils
test/                --> scipy.test
weave/            --> weave

We need to bring over basic linear algebra, statistics, and fft's from 
Numeric.  So where do we put them and how do they import?   

Items to consider:

  * the basic functionality will be expanded / replaced by anybody who 
installs the entire scipy library.

  * are we going to get f2py to live in scipy_core (I say yes)...

  * I think scipy_core should install a working basic scipy (i.e. import 
scipy as Numeric) should work and be an effective replacement for import 
Numeric).  Of course the functionality will be quite a bit less than if 
full scipy was installed, but basic functions should still work.

With that in mind I propose the additions

Hiearchy                         Imports as
corelib/lapack_lite/    -->  scipy.lapack_lite   
corelib/fftpack_lite/   -->  scipy.fftpack_lite
corelib/random_lite/ -->  scipy.random_lite
linalg/                        -->  scipy.linalg
fftpack/                     -->  scipy.fftpack
stats/                         -->  scipy.stats

Users would typically use only the functions in scipy.linalg, 
scipy.fftpack, and scipy.stats.

Notice that scipy also has modules names linalg, fftpack, and stats.  
These would add / replace functionality available in the basic core system.


-Travis O.

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