[SciPy-dev] scipy.base (Numeric3) now on scipy.org svn server

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Wed Sep 14 13:51:14 CDT 2005

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Travis Oliphant wrote:

> Now that the new scipy.base (that can replace Numeric) is pretty much 
> complete, I'm working on
> bringing the other parts of Numeric along so that scipy_core can replace 
> Numeric (and numarray in functionality) for all users.
> I'm now using a branch of scipy_core to do this work.  The old Numeric3 CVS 
> directory on sourceforge will start to wither...
> The branch is at
> http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scipy_core/branches/newcore
> I'm thinking about how to structure the new scipy_core. 
> Right now under the new scipy_core we have
> Hierarchy              Imports as
> ====================
> base/              --> scipy.base         (namespace also available under 
> scipy itself)
> distutils/         --> scipy.distutils
> test/                --> scipy.test
> weave/            --> weave
> We need to bring over basic linear algebra, statistics, and fft's from 
> Numeric.  So where do we put them and how do they import?

I have done some work in this direction but have not commited to 
repository yet because it needs more testing. Basically, (not commited) 
scipy.distutils has support to build Fortran or f2c'd versions of various 
libraries (currently I have tested it on blas) depending on whether 
Fortran compiler is available or not.

> Items to consider:
> * the basic functionality will be expanded / replaced by anybody who 
> installs the entire scipy library.
> * are we going to get f2py to live in scipy_core (I say yes)...

That would simplify many things, so I'd also say yes. On the other hand, I 
have not decided what to do with f2py2e CVS repository. Suggestions are 
welcome (though I understand that this might be my personal problem).

> * I think scipy_core should install a working basic scipy (i.e. import scipy 
> as Numeric) should work and be an effective replacement for import Numeric). 
> Of course the functionality will be quite a bit less than if full scipy was 
> installed, but basic functions should still work.
> With that in mind I propose the additions
> Hiearchy                         Imports as
> ==========================
> corelib/lapack_lite/    -->  scipy.lapack_lite   corelib/fftpack_lite/   --> 
> scipy.fftpack_lite
> corelib/random_lite/ -->  scipy.random_lite
> linalg/                        -->  scipy.linalg
> fftpack/                     -->  scipy.fftpack
> stats/                         -->  scipy.stats
> Users would typically use only the functions in scipy.linalg, scipy.fftpack, 
> and scipy.stats.
> Notice that scipy also has modules names linalg, fftpack, and stats.  These 
> would add / replace functionality available in the basic core system.

Since lapack_lite, fftpack_lite can be copied from Numeric then there's no 
rush for me to commit my scipy.distutils work, I guess. I'll do that when 
it is more or less stable and then we can gradually apply f2c to various scipy 
modules that currently have fortran sources which would allow compiling 
the whole scipy without having fortran compiler around.


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