[SciPy-dev] Absoft and current versions

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Wed Sep 21 10:01:05 CDT 2005

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005, Stephen Walton wrote:

> Hello, Pearu,
>> Is
>>   python setup.py config_fc --help-fcompiler --verbose
>> still showing that absoft compiler is available? The question is whether 
>> setup.py uses correct scipy_distutils or not.
> Yes.  It occurred to me to try the Intel Fortran compiler, which I had 
> installed a copy of long ago and forgotten about.  With the appropriate PATH 
> changes to find the ifort command, the above lists all three of g77, Absoft, 
> and Intel being available on my system.  But scipy always builds with g77. 
> Is there an easy way I can get a trace of the list of steps Scipy uses to 
> determine which Fortran compiler to use?  I'd think that if I request a 
> compiler which isn't available for some reason it would throw an exception 
> rather than using g77 anyway.

This is strange, here

   python setup.py build # uses gnu compiler

   python setup.py config_fc --fcompiler=g95 build # uses g95 compiler

   python setup.py config_fc --fcompiler=intel build # fails with 'ifc: 
command not found' because I don't have intel compiler installed at the 

   python setup.py config_fc --fcompiler=blah build # fails with error: 
don't know how to compile Fortran code on platform 'posix' with 'blah' 
compiler. Supported compilers are: 

So, in my system everything behaves normally. Could you send me the full 
output (both stdout and stderr) from your build command?


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