***[Possible UCE]*** Re: [SciPy-dev] Re: [Numpy-discussion] Release of scipycorebetawillhappen next week.

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Sep 28 01:22:27 CDT 2005

Robert Kern wrote:

>Travis Oliphant wrote:
>>I presume we need to convert all of the pdfs from RNG and random_lite now?
>No, not really.
>261:    def seed(self, seed=None):
>282:    def set_state(self, state):
>293:    def get_state(self):
>303:    def random_sample(self, size=None):
>310:    def tomaxint(self, size=None):
>318:    def randint(self, low, high=None, size=None):
>352:    def bytes(self, unsigned int length):
>364:    def uniform(self, double low=0.0, double high=1.0, size=None):
>372:    def standard_normal(self, size=None):
>379:    def normal(self, double loc=0.0, double scale=1.0, size=None):
>388:    def beta(self, double a, double b, size=None):
>399:    def exponential(self, double scale=1.0, size=None):
>408:    def standard_exponential(self, size=None):
>415:    def standard_gamma(self, double shape, size=None):
>424:    def gamma(self, double shape, double scale=1.0, size=None):
>435:    def f(self, double dfnum, double dfden, size=None):
>446:    def noncentral_f(self, double dfnum, double dfden, double nonc,
>460:    def chisquare(self, double df, size=None):
>469:    def noncentral_chisquare(self, double df, double nonc, size=None):
>481:    def standard_cauchy(self, size=None):
>488:    def standard_t(self, double df, size=None):
>497:    def vonmises(self, double mu, double kappa, size=None):
>507:    def pareto(self, double a, size=None):
>516:    def weibull(self, double a, size=None):
>525:    def power(self, double a, size=None):
>534:    def binomial(self, long n, double p, size=None):
>547:    def negative_binomial(self, long n, double p, size=None):
>561:    def poisson(self, double lam=1.0, size=None):
>570:    def multinomial(self, long n, object pvals, size=None):
>620:    def shuffle(self, object x):
>635:    def permutation(self, object x):
>Okay, I guess I missed lognormal, but that's just a transformation of
>normal variates. Easy.
Ah, yes.  Got it.  Great job.

>I originally wrote this to replace the PRNG in the old scipy.stats, not
>RandomArray or RNG. Here are the incompatibilities:
>* The RNG interface isn't there at all
>* Some small name differences:
>  - F, noncentral_F -> f, noncentral_f
>  - the "shape" argument -> "size" (following the convention in the old
>scipy.stats distributions)
>* I haven't carried over mean_var_test() since it doesn't belong there
>as an exposed API
>* Some changes in the naming of arguments
>* seed(x, y) -> seed([x, y]) if you must
>* get_seed() has nothing to correspond to (except maybe get_state(), but
>you can't pass that to seed(); well you could, but it won't get you what
>you want)
>Does anyone use the RNG interface? It's terribly limited. I *am*
>concerned about carrying over interfaces that no one is going to use.
>The missing bits of RNG (ignoring the generator itself) could easily be
>replicated by a small Python file. We could keep that for a release or
>two, suitably marked as deprecated via warnings.warn(). Then we can
>remove it.

I don't know.   I never did.  I would like to just toss it.   But, to be 
fair, we ought to include a module, so that import RNG can be replaced 
with import <scipy.stats.oldrng or something> that issues a warning on 

Can you take care of that?

Also, can we eliminate the c-extension modules in the random_lite 
directory?  No need to have them cluttering the distribution if we don't 
use them....


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