[SciPy-dev] Statistics review months

Eric Jonas jonas at mwl.mit.edu
Sat Apr 1 20:20:34 CST 2006


> In the interest of improving the quality of the scipy.stats package,
> I hereby declare April and May of 2006 to be Statistics Review
> Months. I propose that we set ourselves a goal to review each
> function in stats.py and morestats.py (and a few others) for
> correctness and completeness of implementation by the end of

What a great idea! We had just started working on this ourselves.
We're going to migrate some of our internal wiki content over to the
trac pages over the next few days, regarding rv_continuous and
rv_discrete. In particular, the distributions implementation is both
very well-designed and very bug-ridden.

While we're doing this level of refactoring, perhaps more attention
could be given to fernando's "scikit" idea? If we're going to invest
this much time in a module, perhaps it would be a good time to
consider cleaning up the interface, and even writing a good how-to
guide, ala the matlab toolbox users guides...

	...Eric Jonas 

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