[SciPy-dev] scipy.sparse + umfpack + system_info

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Mon Apr 10 05:55:49 CDT 2006

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Robert Cimrman wrote:

>> Could you send my the details of your umfpack/amd installations and
>> how do you specify these libraries for numpy.distutils? (site.cfg, env
>> variables ets.)
> The UMFPACK sources are in /home/share/software/packages/UMFPACK
> directory (<umfpack_root>).
> The solver/wrapper needs two libraries: libumfpack.a from
> <umfpack_root>/UMFPACK/Lib, and libamd.a from <umfpack_root>/AMD/Lib.
> This is my site.cfg:
> ---
> [atlas]
> library_dirs = /usr/lib
> atlas_libs = lapack, blas, cblas, atlas
> [umfpack]
> library_dirs =
> /home/share/software/packages/UMFPACK/UMFPACK/Lib:/home/share/software/packages/UMFPACK/AMD/Lib
> include_dirs = /home/share/software/packages/UMFPACK/UMFPACK/Include
> umfpack_libs = umfpack, amd
> ---
> I assume that moving the both libraries into one directory would solve
> the problem, but this is the way the UMFPACK installation does by default.

Thanks for the information. I have splitted umfpack_info class into 
umfpack_info and amd_info classes and the location of umfpack and amd 
libraries must be specified separately in site.cfg file. In this way
the system_info tools can handle various configurations, including 
default UMFPACK installation as well as various linux distribution 
provided installations (amd lives in /usr/lib and umfpack lives in 
/usr/lib/umfpack, for instance).

So, use the following contents in site.cfg:

library_dirs = /home/share/software/packages/AMD/Lib
include_dirs = /home/share/software/packages/AMD/Include
amd_libs = amd

library_dirs = /home/share/software/packages/UMFPACK/Lib
include_dirs = /home/share/software/packages/UMFPACK/Include
umfpack_libs = umfpack


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