[SciPy-dev] Statistics Review progress

Pierre GM pgmdevlist at mailcan.com
Wed Apr 12 16:22:28 CDT 2006

My 2c

> Well, not for long.
>   http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scipy/ticket/192
> But we could keep std(), var(), mean(), and median() in mind and import
> them specifically. However, numpy.median() will have to grow an axis
> argument.

Well, std, var, mean... are methods in numpy. We could quite well leave out 
the numpy functions and reimplement them in Scipy. 

I'm also quite in favor of a biased flag in these functions, instead of 3 
different functions. For std and var, `biased=False` could be the default, in 
order to match their current behavior. 

If the flag option is deemed confusing and eventually discarded, shouldn't we 
change some functions in numpy.lib.mlab as well, for the sake of 
homogeneity ? Have a look at `numpy.lib.mlab.cov` in particular.  

And once again, should we look forward supporting MaskedArrays in scipy ?

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