[SciPy-dev] splrep broken

David Huard david.huard at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 13:39:19 CDT 2006

looks like splrep is broken, at least on the 0.4.8 version for windows,
python2.4 and pentium3.


x = arange(1,10,.1)
y = sin(x)
crashes the python shell.

Also, in version 0.4.6, the knots were choosen somewhat ackwardly, with only
a series of endpoints, and no knots in between. This had as a consequence
that for a wide input range, the spline estimation was very poor. i.e.
x = arange(1,5,.1) would work but not
x= arange(1,20,.1)

I seem to recall that changes were made to the knots routine due to a bug
for periodic boundaries, but I don't remember if my version dated from after
or before the change.


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