[SciPy-dev] Scipy ga module on Windows

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 11:55:32 CDT 2006

Duane Kaufman wrote:
> Hi,
>>Duane Kaufman wrote:
>>>I am looking to utilize a genetic algorithm  for a project I am 
>>>working on.
>>>I noticed Scipy had this advertised as included, but cannot 
>>find it (I 
>>>downloaded the latest for Python 2.4)
>>>Is this module not available?
>>It has been moved to the sandbox because it has not been 
>>completely ported to use numpy, yet. You will have to build 
>>scipy from source and uncomment the appropriate line in 
>>Lib/sandbox/setup.py to have it install as part of the scipy 
>>package. However, it is pure Python, so you can just copy it 
>>from the source distribution to the appropriate location, too.
> Um, can I grab the 'ga' folder contents from the sandbox? What do I need
> to use these then?

Well, like I said, it has not been ported to use numpy, yet. It's not going to
run until it is. If you need something that works out-of-box right now, you will
probably have to use another package. If you would like to help us restore the
ga package to scipy, then please check out the source from the Subversion
repository and submit patches to the Trac.


Robert Kern
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