[SciPy-dev] Porting (some of?) Netlab to SciPy (Google Soc)

Fred Mailhot fred.mailhot at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 02:50:53 CDT 2006


The Python Software Foundation's page of potential projects for this
year's Google Summer of Code contains the following entry:

"Conduct a review of one chunk of functionality in scipy similar to
the one currently in progress about the statistics package [...]
Recently discussed requests have been [...], and porting the Netlab
neural network code to scipy."

I am highly interested in carrying out the Netlab project in the
context of Google's Summer of Code (fulltime from June-August) and
would like to know whether this is something that is sufficiently of
interest to SciPy's developers and if so whether there is someone
available and willing to serve as mentor (I envision weekly online
meetings plus emergency contact as needed).

A bit about myself:
I am a graduate student in Cognitive Science with about 2 years of
experience with Python in particular and about 6 years total of
programming experience. I have implemented several neural network
models (feedforward, recurrent, Hopfield) as well as many other
machine learning algorithms so I am quite comfortable with the
requisite concepts.

If someone is interested in pursuing this please contact me as soon as
possible so that we can work on putting a great proposal together. I
am happy to pass along my CV or answer any other questions


Fred Mailhot
Institute of Cognitive Science
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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