[SciPy-dev] sandbox vs wiki

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 13:40:41 CST 2006

Matt Knox wrote:
> I noticed a post from earlier (scikits ? [was Re: Kronecker sum]) which suggests to set up a wiki page and attach the files for contributed code. When would one take that approach vs adding to the sandbox in SVN? Specifically, I'm wondering what method would be preferred for the time series module I plan to contribute shortly.

The sandbox is preferred if it is at all possible. The reasons that it might not
be possible include one not having write access to SVN, or the license of the
code being inappropriate for scipy. And even then, using the wiki should be
reserved for short scripts and probably for just a short time; it is not a
generally good mechanism for distributing code.

Robert Kern

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