[SciPy-dev] timeseries module uploaded to sandbox

Matt Knox mattknox_ca at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 8 10:15:39 CST 2006

I have uploaded my timeseries module to the sandbox now.
This is by no means a polished product (hence, it's location in the sandbox), but feel free to play around with it. Please take a look at the README file first before you try to do anything with the code.
Feel free to criticize, suggest improvements, etc, etc. Even if you think I am way off base here in terms of how I have designed the module, perhaps this can at least serve as a starting point for a discussion on how a proper time series module should be done.
The code has been written by myself and a couple of my co-op students off an on. I do not believe the C code segfaults (at least I haven't got it to do that), but there probably are memory leaks. I'm not an expert with Python's reference counting (nor were any of my co-op students), but we did the best we could.
- Matt
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